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July 22, 2019

MXC to Donate Millions for Clean Air

As many Governments continue to deny and delay progress on global climate change, MXC, has chosen to take a disruptive course of action.

MXC to Donate Millions for Clean Air

As many Governments continue to deny and delay progress on global climate change, the German-based IoT Token, MXC, has chosen to take a disruptive course of action. Developing a world-first environmental program, MXC is set to significantly reward participants for actively contributing to clean air

When it comes to causes of premature death, the risks posed by global air pollution are now only exceeded by behavioural and metabolic factors. Furthermore, air pollution and poor access to quality air is the number one leading environmental risk factor, far surpassing other environmental risks that have too often been the primary focus of public health measures in the past, such as polluted and unsafe water or poor sanitation World Health Organization’s (WHO) report: “State of Global Air/2019”. With deaths caused by air pollution slowly on the rise, it is the Global IoT Token “MXC” and our committed supporters, who have decided to take measurable action, taking a significant step towards engaging communities, businesses, and citizens in order to reclaim their cities and reclaim their health.

Air Pollution: the Silent Killer

In 2017 the World Health Organization identified air pollution as one of the highest mortality risk factors globally, “associated with about 4.9 million deaths and 147 million years of healthy life lost”. Despite the publication of these staggering figures, little to no progress has been made and, in many cities, small particle air precipitation based on quantified air fragment readings has continued to significantly increase. MXC-to-Donate-Millions-for-Clean-Air1

The 2018 World Health Organization study pinpointed direct links between air pollution and the current environmental disaster facing humanity: “Air pollution exposure is linked with increased hospitalizations, disability, and early death from respiratory diseases, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and diabetes, as well as communicable diseases like pneumonia” all of this is leading to a truly global epidemic of monumental proportions.

The time has come to not only recognise the deteriorating situation that we as human beings have created, more importantly, the time has also come for a real solution. I’ve always been a believer that as individuals we can not only make a meaningful difference for ourselves, moreover, it is our obligation to make a purposeful difference for the better, leaving this planet in a better state than how we experienced it. Now, as Founder of the MXC Foundation, I believe we can turn this action into a movement. We’re determined to reverse this horrifying silent killer facing our current existence and the continued and ever-worsening air pollution crisis that our, and future generations will face.

MXC Particle Depletion Program

I am both excited and personally proud to announce the MXC Particle Depletion Program (PDP). The MXC PDP is a global first, set to drastically revolutionise the way society approaches air quality and the absolute catastrophic epidemic facing public health in society today. The MXC goal for the “PDP” is to ensure current and future generations live in a cleaner, low-risk environment, extending both the length and quality of citizens lives.

The most harmful toxins have been narrowed to a specific measure of key elements, which, primarily make up the offending minuscule elements occupying our air, being ingested into the human nervous system. The MXC Particle Depletion Program (PDP), has identified the biggest contributors towards deteriorating human health, and, as a direct result, will focus on sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone (O3), carbon monoxide (CO) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) all of which will be targeted throughout this ambitious program.

The Particle Depletion Program (PDP) will leverage the MXProtocol to allow data to be sent, allocated, and measured over extreme distances. Data transmitted using MXProtocol devices can be easily compiled an analysed with data collected from additional sources. This will provide a complete picture of how effective ongoing efforts to reduce air pollution actually are. MXC-to-Donate-Millions-for-Clean-Air-1

As part of the MXC Particle Depletion Program (PDP), MXC has chosen to take focus on the macro, making the program inclusive, this bold initiative rewards both members of society for reducing air pollution, and the biggest contributors to air pollution for greatly reducing the amount of pollution they produce. The PDP brings all sides together in order to solve the issue affecting everyone, in a truly united effort. The MXC PDP will financially reward individuals, businesses and governments by tokenising active monitoring of their air pollution particle precipitation levels and for taking active measures to significantly, and continually, reduce on an ongoing basis. The MXC Foundation is set to financially support those who drastically reduce their global footprint. Additionally, governments will also be rewarded for the introduction of policies based on the qualifiable incoming data provided by LPWAN air quality sensors, funded by the MXC Foundation.

One of the most exciting elements of the MXC PDP is not only that it attempts to solve real-world issues facing humanity, but it does so using a comprehensive all-inclusive approach. Often many smaller parties get left out of the environmental impact on change, and more often than not they are the ones directly affected by the new environmental changes. MXC changes this approach allowing citizens to get involved.

Every one can Change their World

By setting up a cheap air quality sensor (under $10USD) and attaching it to the MXProtocol citizens can automatically become part of the environmental solution. The sensors, set up by citizens, transmit this air quality data directly to the MXC Data Market in order for the data to be identified and qualified. By doing this, citizens are directly involved in reporting air quality to ensure a continued and constant data stream accumulation, the transmissions from other sources, including businesses are then also directly measured in comparison to these measurements to add an increased element of control. In turn, MXC financially rewards citizens to get involved and take part in one of the largest environmental control projects ever undertaken on the Blockchain. 44

Businesses are rewarded for reporting their current air quality levels and subsequently rewarded once they have achieved set-goals, the MXC Machine-to-Machine wallet automatically allocates MXC to the businesses Blockchain wallets the very moment the air quality they are detecting falls to targeted levels.

MXC is determined to make a difference to all parties involved, investing millions of MXC to participants, resulting in a healthy society, increased air quality, improved cooperation between the business sector and society, as well as making wealthy participants along the way.

As our MXC Blockchain movement continues to spread across the globe we must first act as responsible global citizens. At MXC we’re determined to make an impact, an impact for what is right and a movement for good. MXC was designed as a decentralized Blockchain movement for the people by people.

This is the future of data, the data highway, designed to give back to communities. It’s time to contribute to the greater good, and at MXC, we’re ready to serve one, serve all.


Aaron Wagener