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July 01, 2019

MXC Token Release Program

MXC has chosen to take an unprecedented move towards investor token holdings, giving investors the chance to opt for early release of their token lock.

MXC Token Release Program

MXC has chosen to take an unprecedented move towards investor token holdings, we believe that this move is both confident but calculated, bold but necessary, and it’s something which will see token decentralisation pushed to the forefront of MXC. This move, we believe, is one that will secure MXC and investors for the long term. MXC-token-release-program-1-1

The Crypto world has experienced some tumultuous times, none more than in the last 12 months. At MXC we’ve been witness to a lot of these market changes in a time where “tokens” as a whole are jockeying for both relevance and implementation in an ever-changing world.

MXC has, with a large sense of deliberateness, we’ve chosen to take the alternative approach to the standard Crypto market. We choose to take the road less travelled, always insisting on offering clear, transparent and understandable use cases and a real purpose for the MXC token.

A little over 6 months ago MXC launched on Huobi, MXC’s first Token Exchange, since then we’ve made some sensational ground-breaking deals with the Shanghai Government, we’ve experienced incredible growth, created a high level of understanding with our core MXC supporters and signed with 3 Top 10 Crypto exchanges, free of charge. MXC-token-release-program-2-1-opt1

As part of our continued commitment to our supporters, MXC is looking now to continue our unconventional course, changing the perception of tokenisation and MXC as a whole. As a result, we’re introducing a revolutionary measure, the MXC TOKEN RELEASE PROGRAM. By implementing this program, we firmly believe that MXC increases liquidity, market focus and overall decentralisation of the MXC token.

MXC is preparing to release investor locks to both Early and Pre-Sale investors. The entire MXC team believes so strongly in our movement that we’re handing the power back to the investors, for them to individually decide what they choose to do with their investment. Now, as Peter Parker will remind us, with great power comes great responsibility, this is why MXC has implemented an additional reward / sacrifice model as part and parcel of the MXC TOKEN RELEASE PROGRAM.

MXC is offering an immediate release of all Early Investor and Pre-Sale Token locks on the 1st of July, 2019. However, for all investors who choose to engage in the Token Release Option a total of 20% of the investors complete invested MXC portfolio tokens will be sacrificed and burnt as a result of the lock release. Using this method, we believe we have reached a fair balance in regards to a reward and sacrifice model.

This article is by Aaron Wagener, Co-Founder of MXC Foundation.

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