News Update
April 05, 2021

The MXC voice is being heard in China

In this week’s news update we will talk about some amazing conferences attended by our MXC team members, our Reddit migration and more news on the Das Kaiser Project.

Successful conferences Nadia and George were at a candaq hosted conference in Hangzhou with over 1000 participants with polkadot panelists also in attendance.

There was also another highly successful panel in Shenyang with 300 participants, the MXC voice is truly being heard far and wide!

Reddit news We have migrated to r/MXC_Foundation. Everyone is encouraged to join, and there will be some Reddit-exclusive community rewards program with merch and even staking boosts as prizes! Das Kaiser Project The team has been working around the clock to resolve the Das Kaiser Project data valuation discrepancy. We are getting close to finalising the solutions, and will soon open up the next round of community testing - inviting MORE people to participate in BTC mining!

Jessica Hughes