News Update
May 24, 2021

New affiliate program and Das Kaiser Projekt sign-up begins this week!

In this weeks news update, we will discuss AMAs, M2 Pro Refer a Friend, news from our Chinese team, DKP and cuppas with Elon Musk!

AMAs! MXC had a BIG AMA on Friday with MXSiwon and Aaron discussing the future of MXC, current market conditions, the M2 Pro, Multi-Token mining, DFI and DeFi participation. Also a lot of prizes were given out to our MXC supporters!

Would you refer the M2 Pro to a friend? The M2 Pro is launching our new affiliate “refer a friend” program beginning tomorrow. Make sure to sign up and get involved, and let’s take the M2 Pro Mining movement to the world.

And now onto some news from our Chinese team! Co-Founder and CEO Sheen Hu met the Heilongjiang Government for Smart City development. He also participated in a Polkadot Conference in Sichuan to promote DHX and MXC. And if that wasn’t enough, he also joined an OKEX AMA about Polkadot’s Parachain auction. Nadia was also busy participating in a NFT conference to talk about MXC’s plan on IoT NFT.

Fancy a cuppa Elon? MXC also reached out to Elon Musk who is currently in Berlin. Elon, that coffee offer still stands.

And last but not least… Das Kaiser Projekt sign-up begins this week! Exciting news for all who want to get involved, so make sure to sign up if you want to be a part of low-power Bitcoin mining.

Jessica Hughes