News Update
July 13, 2020

New Partnership & M2 Pro Global Launch

MXC has signed a new partnership with SimplyCity Australia. Meanwhile, the M2 Pro Cryptocurrency Miner is going on a global launch for all MXC enthusiasts.

New Partnership & M2 Pro Global Launch

In this week of MXC News Update, we are announcing our new partnership with SimplyCity Australia, and the global launch of theM2 Pro Cryptocurrency Miner!

The following is the original script of the MXC News Update, uploaded on July 13, 2020.

It’s Monday, and that means….MXC News Update time! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and well-rested during the weekend, because this week’s MXC News Update is quite mind-blowing! So let’s get right into it.

MXC Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary

During the week, MXC celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary, and a lot of fun giveaways and competitions were held. Did you miss out? Never fear…..Follow us on Twitter to join in on future giveaways!

M2 Pro Global Pre-Order opening NEXT WEEK

The preferred Miner of IoT Experts….the ever popular M2 Pro Miner is coming to YOU!

Global Pre-Order is opening next week

This is the opportunity for YOU to get your hands on it, get involved and start enjoying some HIGH profits with LOW cost! Moreover, the LPWAN Watch is expected to hit the market in late THIS YEAR! With all the features of a smartwatch, with energy-efficiency of LPWAN, and added security of Blockchain, this will be the NEXT BIG THING to hit the market!

Continued Development on MXC DataDash

We heard your concerns, and we fixed the issues! MXC DataDash has updated the map feature to resolve an error. The slow connection issue for iOS has been fixed, along with other features. Update to the latest version of MXC DataDash on App Store and Google Play to enjoy the latest features!

MXC Files for Another Patent

We submitted a Blockchain LPWAN patent application! This prevents other copycat projects from replicating the innovative ideas of MXC! This will allow MXC to become the sole leader in the Blockchain LPWAN space

New Partnership with SimplyCity Australia

MXC and MatchX have signed a strategic partnership agreement with SimplyCity Australia! G’day Mates! This combines SimplyCity’s consulting experience with MatchX’s LPWAN and AI Hardware, and MXC’s Blockchain protocol. The partnership allows MXC to increase our market share in Australia, so that all Aussies can start benefiting from using the MXProtocol soon!

Word of the Week

The Word of the Week for this week is: (Watch the News Update to find out) Make sure to remember it, as you will need it to complete the Google Form to win your share of the $5000 worth of Bitcoin prize pool!

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