News Update
April 20, 2020

New Patent and Miner Sneak Peek

MXC has welcomed a new patent. This week, we are revealing the latest development in crypto mining that will revolutionize the mining industry.

This is a quick summary of the content of the MXC News Update, uploaded on April 20, 2020.

MXC Welcomes a New Patent

It’s a well-known fact that MXC has quite a few patents under our belt. Last week, our newest patent finally arrived in our Berlin HQ. The patent covers firmware upgrades by configuring a low data-rate radio frequency module using high-frequency radio frequency bands. We are absolutely thrilled about this patent, and will use it to continue developing cutting-edge technologies in Blockchain-IoT!

Devs Heroes Squash Bugs

With the constant release of new technology, bugs are bound to happen. It’s a part of the development process. Our MXC Dev team has been working around the clock to make sure that all the bugs are resolved, so that you can enjoy a seamless experience when using the MXC Ecosystem – whether it be staking, setting up a Gateway, or using an LPWAN network. A big release is coming at the end of the month, so stay tuned!

Introducing the MXC Miner

As everyone knows, MXC cannot be mined. Rather, MXC tokens can be harvested by deploying an LPWAN network using a Gateway. However, what if you can combine this and mining for other tokens? With the partnership of MatchX, MXC has developed a miner that allows you to harvest MXC while also mining for other tokens. Using LPWAN, this low-electricity miner is cost-efficient and eco-friendly. We are giving a sneak peek today, as pre-orders are coming in!

Word of the Week for $5000 in Bitcoin

The Google Form has not been opened yet to prevent spamming. You will need to collect all the words until June 1. The form will open at the end of May. The Word of the Week for this week is: (watch the News Update to find out).

And that’s it for this week’s MXC News Update! We wish you a wonderful week, and make sure to ask us questions if you have any!

Siwon Kim