July 10, 2019

Now Open: Biggest Open Call for Developers

Now Open: Biggest Open Call for Developers

So if you are here, you believe you have what it takes to join us at MXC Foundation in our beautiful Berlin HQ. Welcome to the journey!

Here, you are presented with a small task. At the end of the task, you will submit your solution to us. If your solution is the right solution (or you convince us that it is right!) then we may offer you a position here at MXC Foundation in our Berlin HQ.

Please read the following steps carefully, as they are specifically designed to lead you to the right path!

Your Task

Your end task is to simply provide us what the code actually does. The code is written mostly in Go, but may require your knowledge of other relevant languages and solutions. To understand the code, here are some documents that may help you:

Economic WhitepaperTechnical WhitepaperSMB Whitepaper

Additionally, this web interface may help you:

AXS Wallet

You can view the code here: –GitHub

About MXC Foundation

Before we begin, let’s talk a bit about who we are. MXC Foundation is a Berlin-based, IoT-token that is reshaping the Future of IoT by combining blockchain and LPWAN to improve machine-to-machine communication and data transaction. We strongly believe in the power of data, and everyone’s righteous ownership of their data. This is why we are giving everyone the right to collect, stream, and monetize their data. This is done through a unique combination of hardware and protocol.

Users can deploy their own LPWAN gateway and/or LPWAN-enabled sensors to collect and stream data. LPWAN gateway owners provide uplink and downlink between the cloud and the sensors, and receive a small amount of MXC as fee. LPWAN-enabled sensor owners can sell their collected data (air quality, soil humidity, noise, etc.) to interested parties for financial compensation in MXC. The amount an LPWAN-enabled sensor pays to the LPWAN gateway is dependent on an automated Smart Machine Bidding (SMB).

All data transmissions are End-to-End Encrypted, and verified for authenticity. MXC is building world’s largest, and most centralized Data Highway.

Tell us what the code does, and how it benefits future machine-to-machine communication. Make sure to be able to explain your answers! Those who provide the correct answer will have a chance at working for MXC Foundation in our Berlin HQ!

How to Apply

You can submit your response via Telegram with #MXCDevOpenCall, or Tweet it to us with the same hashtag.

You have one week. Good luck!

Siwon Kim