News Update
January 25, 2019

Our community did something amazing

Our community did something amazing

Our active MXC community has once again accomplished something amazing. MXC will officially be live on Bibox, the sixth largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. What does this mean for MXC followers?

Listing on multiple exchanges increases liquidity – making it easier to purchase and sell the token. As the MXC token moves over multiple high-level exchanges, it also increases the stability of the token. That’s right. More wallets, more people, more stability.

Of course, as a member of our community, you already knew this! We’re extremely grateful to have such a motivated MXC community, inspired to see MXC listed on multiple top 10 exchanges, in just our first two months as a live token. Here’s a special thanks, and breaking news announcement from our COO and Co-Founder Aaron Wagener.

Jeff Stahlnecker