News Update
August 17, 2020

MXC-Polkadot Co-Op & Global Exchange Deal

MXC has signed a co-op deal with Polkadot! Moreover, a huge global exchange is joining MXC in spreading the MXC vision around the world.

MXC-Polkadot Co-Op & Global Exchange Deal

MXC has signed a co-op deal with Polkadot. Moreover, a global exchange has signed a deal with MXC to expand the MXC vision. The following is the original script of the MXC News Update, uploaded on August 17, 2020.

It’s another Monday, another week, and another MXC News Update! You might want to sit down for this one because we’ve got some MAJOR news. So let’s get started!

KC Documentation has arrived

Last time, we announced that we received the KC Certification! Now, the documentation has arrived and it’s all official This adds Korea – one of the key markets in crypto – to our growing list of countries that can start mining with the M2 Pro!

Announcing the MXC-Polkadot Co-Op

MXC and Polkadot building the future of cross-chain technology! Together with Polkadot, MXC is working on a new IoT cross-chain Data Platform. More details will follow in the coming weeks

Update your DataDash

Version 2.0.8 is now live! This version has a complete overhaul of the MXProtocol and associated APIs. We also moved the M2M wallet fully to the DataDash App, and updated Supernode emails.

Download and update DataDash today!

MXC Meets with Changhong Electronics

MXC traveled to Sichuan to visit the Changhong Electronics HQ to discuss a smart city integration deal! As the government of Sichuan decided to support MXC, we are actively partnering with big names in the region to roll out smart city solutions

Massive Deal signed with Top Global Exchange

We have signed a BIG deal with one of the TOP exchanges! We will announce it this week, so stay tuned. . . . Can you guess who or WHAT the deal might be?

$5000 BTC Giveaway Round 4

The Word of the Week for this week is: watch the news update to find out.

Siwon Kim
MXC DataDash