News Update
October 12, 2018

Public Sale, Quarkchain, Huobi Next

Public Sale, Quarkchain, Huobi Next

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Hello and welcome to another MXC Guy News Update!


This week started at a sprint. As KYC applications and ICO contracts kept rolling in, it’s taking much of our effort to keep up with the demand! It’s been exciting to see so many people involved with and interested in MXC.

While working to keep up with KYC and KYC related questions, Aaron and Sheen participated in a live AMA in the Quarkchain Telegram group. There they answered a few great questions!

MXC knows Hardware

One such question asked about our expertise in LPWAN.

Yes – much of the team comes from an IoT and hardware background. It was while working with LoRa LPWAN technology that the need for MXC became apparent, not only to increase the reliability of data transmission but also to provide an incentive for the massive launch and adoption of low power, wide area networks.

Vote for MXC on Huobi Next You can get MXC placed on Huobi! The next round of Huobi Next voting will end on October 16. Until then you have a chance to motivate your friends, family and professional network to vote for a Future of IoT that they can, in turn, profit from. It’s really simple. In the description of this video is a short “how to vote for MXC” and a link to a corresponding video.

This has been this week’s MXC Guy New Update! I look forward to talking you guys again next week. Until then, get active, be in the community, ask us questions. We’re here to build the future of IoT together.

Siwon Kim