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May 13, 2019

Introducing the Reputation System

The MXC community has the power to shape the Future of IoT. We're helping them by giving them an easy way to earn rewards. Introducing MXC REP.

Introducing the Reputation System

At MXC, the community has the power to shape the Future of IoT, and be rewarded. That is why we are introducing the Reputation System to give back to the community for their support and commitment, and to better listen for feedback.

Not a member on our Telegram chat? Join today, and start earning your reward!

What is the Reputation System?

The Reputation System is an internally-built mechanism inside the MXC Foundation Telegram Community. It allows users to upvote helpful comments, contributing to a positive reputation building for those who contribute to the community. There are different levels of reputation and users can climb the level structure to the very top. The reputation levels will help high-contributing supporters to be easily recognizable, ensuring that their knowledgeable inputs are valued. Those with a high level of reputation may enjoy increased benefits, such as bonus multiplier on all airdrops, free MXC merchandises, and receiving invitations to MeetUps, events, and exclusive parties. Users can upvote with /rep command. Reputation Level can be checked with /myrep. If you would like to see the top leaderboard, use /toprep limit. For example, if you’d like to see the top 30, type /toprep 30. If you wish to give more than 1 upvote, use /rep number to give that amount of upvote. For example, /rep 5 would give 5 upvotes.

How can I earn Reputation Points?

All users can upvote any messages they deem to be helpful. To prevent malicious usage of the privilege, a user can give a maximum of 10 upvotes per 24 hour period. After 24 hours, the upvote count will be refreshed. Supporters can also earn Reputation Points by contributing to the community. This includes writing contents, sharing MXC news on social media, and other means of increasing the public’s awareness of MXC and our mission. These high levels of contributions will not only encourage other users to upvote but also will result in Reputation Point grants from the admins. The Reputation Point grants can range from a minimum of 10 upvotes to a maximum of 150 upvotes for messages on Telegram. If you choose to write an article about MXC, each article may receive up to 1500 Reputation Points. If you choose to make a video about MXC, each video may receive up to 2000 Reputation Points. You may also get up to 20 Reputation Points for sharing the MXC News Update and other social media updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Every Tuesday, there will also be an MXC Quiz on Telegram. Quiz participants can get up to 50 Reputation Points.

Please note that the reputation points reward cannot coincide with other MXC promotions (e.g. #MXCGiveaway).

Can I downvote a message?

The need for a community-ran reporting system has been recognized since long ago. However, a downvote system could result in unpredictable scenarios when misused. Hence, downvoting a message is not possible. If a user would like to report a message, s/he can simply respond to the message with /report to report the message. Once reported, the admins will take appropriate actions.

What levels are there, and what are the advantages?

  • 0 Points: Newbie
  • 10 Points: Accepted
  • 50 Points: Liked
  • 100 Points: Loved
  • 150 Points: Trusted
  • 250 Points: Idolised
  • 400 Points: Renowned
  • 600 Points: Glorious
  • 800 Points: Legendary
  • 1200 Points: Unstoppable (Guaranteed weekly AMA Airdrop)
  • 1500 Points: Euphoric (1.1x on all Airdrop)
  • 2000 Points: Guardian Level 1 (1.2x on all Airdrop)
  • 3000 Points: Guardian Level 2 (1.3x on all Airdrop)
  • 4500 Points: Guardian Level 3 (1.5x on all Airdrop)
  • 6000 Points: Guardian Level 4 (1.7x on all Airdrop)
  • 8500 Points: MXCrew Boss (2x on all Airdrop, Invitation to Events)

What can I do to prevent misuse?

If you see any suspicious activity that is aimed at taking advantage of the system, you can always use the /report command to report the message. Alternatively, you can send a direct message to any of the admins in the group to report the issue. There are two admins, should your request be time-sensitive. The admins are: @ifyouseeone and @theMXCguy. Please keep in mind the time difference between your area and Berlin when submitting a request. The admins can take off reputation points from any users, on any grounds they seem appropriate.

Have fun, and welcome to the Future of IoT!

Siwon Kim