MXC Announces QuarkChain as Newest Investor

What did we do from September 3-7 at MXC? In this update, we’ll review Xin’s trip to New York including his visit with the Rockefeller Foundation, Aaron’s talk with and the official launch of the MXC Community Bounty.

Xin Visits Silicon Valley and New York

MXC Partners Quarkchain and Preangel invited our CEO Xin Hu to visit them at the Silicon Valley Mars Blockchain Summit.

After this event, he traveled to New York where he attended the Blockchain Without Border Expo. While there he met with Carloha CEO, Liang Long.

While attending the Expo, he also had an opportunity to speak with Vivian Liu, the PreAngel US Partner.

After the Expo, he visited the Rockefeller Foundation where he met with Associate Director Jason Whittet. They discussed the strengths of LPWAN and its implementation for smart cities.

Aaron presents LPWAN Gateways as a secondary income source for advertising

Aaron met with and presented the MXC solution to you already have billboards, why not add gateways?

Adding MXC enabled LPWAN gateways to billboards not only provides a wireless service for devices in each city works with, but also it also gives the advertiser an additional opportunity to make the most out of their advertising real estate.

MXC Community Bounty

We launched our very first Community Bounty. Essentially, you write content, and you get up 12,500 MXC.