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July 20, 2020

Sichuan Government Partnership & MXC vs "MXC"

MXC signed a partnership with the Sichuan Government, and development is growing fast! MXC is taking MXC Exchange into a trademark infringement battle.

Sichuan Government Partnership & MXC vs “MXC”

Last week, we announced the monumental Sichuan Government partnership. The development on the partnership has been growing steadily and fast! Meanwhile, we have decided to update our community on our legal action against the “MXC Exchange”, that continues to violate our trademark – recognized worldwide.

This is the original script of the MXC News Update, uploaded on July 20, 2020.

Good morning, and happy Monday! Welcome to this week’s MXC News Update! A lot of you have been waiting for the BIG news this week, so let’s get straight into it.

Szechuan Government Partnership Developing

MXC signed a partnership with the government of Szechuan, as we announced last week. The partnership saw the Szechuan government giving a generous grant to MXC. To strengthen the partnership, MXC is to open a new office in Szechuan.

The partnership is now developing, and MXC is making the right moves! We are excited for this opportunity, and we will soon give more updates on how things unfold.

MXC files for another patent

MXC already has a lot of patents, securing the use of IoT technology so individuals like you can continue to freely use them well into the future.

We filed for yet ANOTHER patent – on IoT Accounting and Billing System and Method!

This patent protects MXC’s unique ability to work with IoT devices and the complex machine-to-machine payment mechanism.

Once the news about the patent has spread, the market reacted wildly, going up a whopping 96% at its peak!

Whenever the market goes up it is, of course, exciting for all our supporters BUT, I have to say, this is just a small step forward, we all have a LONG way to go and we are determined to become the BIGGEST IoT Token on the planet

MXC takes on “MXC” in a Trademark Infringement Legal Case

MXC has launched a trademark infringement legal case against MXC Exchange. You may have heard of this Chinese exchange that continues to violate our trademark – MXC At the end of June, we officially launched a legal case against the violator.

This is done to protect our brand, and MOST IMPORTANTLY to reduce any confusions that many of you have experienced

We are confident as the first and original owners of the “MXC” brand, plus the support we’ve received from Medium, Google and Apple that we will win this case and put an end to this ongoing confusion.

Remember! There’s ONLY 1 MXC and fortunately for you… you’ve already found it!

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Siwon Kim