Polkadot AMA & Staking Rewards Update

This is the original script for the MXC News Update, uploaded on May 4, 2020.

Good morning and this is the MXC News Update with your favorite, Jeff the MXC Guy! We have some great news coming from around the world, so let’s get started!

MXC at Polkadot AMA

MXC CEO Sheen Hu was invited to a Polkadot AMA last Monday. More than 40 THOUSAND people participated! Sheen took part in discussions about the Polkadot ecosystem and cross-chain economy. Thank you to all of you who joined and supported!

MXC invited to COMPUTEX

COMPUTEX, the largest Computer Fair in Taipei invited MXC to feature its technologies from September 21 to September 30. If you are in the area during that time, keep it in mind! We will soon announce our participation and create times for the community to drop in for a visit.

Supernode Staking Rewards Update

Supernode staking rewards update coming soon! Major updates coming for the MXC Supernodes will include updates on the staking reward so that staking participants will be able to see their reward. Stakes will be rewarded for continuing to believe in the Future of IoT. More exciting features coming soon, so stay tuned!

Word of the Week

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