March 03, 2021

Tesla chip shortage halting production but MXC has you covered!

Make sure to pre-order your M2 Pro now and get ahead of the pack.

The world has seen a chip shortage due to a cascade in demand for the likes of personal computers and other electronics due to people working or schooling at home during the pandemic. This is now encumbering car production, and has seen to catch up to electric car giant, Tesla causing them to close production at its Fremont plant.

Be it a Sony Playstation or a Ford car, they are dependent on chips that are likely to be in short supply for quite some time as the demand for such products grows higher and higher. Apple has not been able to meet the demand in sales of iPhones, Tesla has had to hold production, but MXC were ahead of the pack and have had enough supply to meet demand - make sure to pre-order an M2 Pro now, you do not want to miss out.

The M2 Pro is the world's highest selling utility crypto minor

It is additionally the world's first ever multi-token LPWAN IoT Crypto-miner. It is possible to mine MXC, DHX (Data Highway DAO token), IPFS and Bitcoin with many more tokens possibly to be added. This enables you to be in a unique position, earning from a variety of Blockchain cryptocurrencies. You can variegate your holdings, curtail volatility and importantly, intensify your earnings. It covers an immense vicinity of up to 20km+ LoRaWAN - this is a huge increase to many, that can only reach 3 miles.

This newfangled miner uses patented, low-power technology that means there is a low mining cost for high returns. It is super efficient, the power consumption is <5 Watt. The M2 Pro sets a precedent of a low-electricity mining device that can achieve mammoth results - making your ROI even greater in comparison to traditional PoW and PoS mining models.

M2 Pro and stand all weather conditions

The miner is super durable, with a temperature range of 40ºC to 85ºC meaning you can mine anywhere. The miner is capable of carrying 4x SMA waterproof antenna connectors so it is possible to have it outside with an ASA plastic, anti-UV enclosure and is IP66. M2 Pro miners can be found in the Nordics to the Middle East proving that it can handle any weather condition or rough terrain thrown at it. Lab tests have proven this receiving certification in numerous countries CE, FCC, RCM, KC, so this is also a strong show of support. The M2 Pro is not just a miner, but a practical data network that can be used for a multitude of data transmissions in this sense the team expects the lifetime to be somewhere between 7 to 10 years or more, depending on the conditions.

Furthermore, this minor is uncomplicated and effortless to install. You can literally start mining within minutes of receiving your miner. The flair of the M2 Pro is in its Plug’n’Play set-up. This allows anyone to have the aptitude to mine, be it mining first-timers or indeed, those hardcore miners! This makes crypto transparent and straightforward for all.

Monitor all of your earnings in one app

You can monitor your extensive earnings on the Data Dash App. The app allows you to monitor your profits, adjust your mining and staking needs, as well as to withdraw your mined / staked tokens. No coding skills are required. You can monitor and manage your mining rewards around the clock, and stay up to date up to date with your M2 Pro, anywhere, anytime.

It's time to join the M2 Pro community

The M2 Pro provides network coverage for Smart City devices and IoT devices. Smart Cities are made up of devices that can improve sustainability and efficiency through things such as pollution control, smart parking and logistics. When you buy a miner, you are buying a part of this extensive network for LPWAN devices. When you cater coverage, you are remunerated in crypto.

The M2 Pro is available worldwide. It’s now time for everyone to step into the world of crypto mining!

Jessica Hughes