Now You Can Trade MXC Directly with FIAT Currency

Trade MXC directly with FIAT on ChainX

For the first time since the MXC token was released, MXC will be traded directly with fiat currency. ChainX, one of the most connected cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, will add the MXC token to their exchange and pair MXC with the South Korean Won. By allowing customers to trade fiat currency with MXC, ChainX simplifies the adoption of the MXC Smart City Standard in South Korea.

“By pairing MXC directly with a fiat currency, we are making ChainX the exchange of choice for MXC in South Korea,” said Jackson Koo, Managing Director at ChainX. “It is much easier for the governments and companies adopting the MXC Smart City Standard to track expenses when trading fiat directly for MXC.”

ChainX was created “bottom-up” by a group of blockchain influencers, interested in building a decentralized exchange starting with decentralized management. This makes it a unique exchange, as the exchange is built based on the public feedback these influencers receive. Therefore, As part of the listing strategy, ChainX will be running a massive marketing campaign throughout the following weeks, making MXC the most prominent IoT token available on the ChainX cryptocurrency exchange. Among the promotions are token airdrops, a discounted trading fee, and exclusive ChainX exchange benefits to MXC traders when the trading volume exceeds 8.7 million USD. Announcements regarding ChainX promotions for MXC will be available on the ChainX website or through the ChainX announcement channel.

“Listing on ChainX is part of our strategy to ensure that MXC is easily available to anyone around the globe,” said Aaron Wagener, Co-Founder at the MXC Foundation. “By ensuring easy access to the MXC token, we reduce any potential barriers to the adoption of the MXC Smart City Standard.”

ChainX will list a South Korean Won to MXC pair on Tuesday, April 16, at 12:00 (noon) CET.

About MXC Foundation

The MXC Foundation is a purpose-built Blockchain Foundation, based in Berlin. Its mission is to inspire fast, efficient, decentralized data exchanges using LPWAN and Blockchain technology. MXC is currently working on projects in New York City, South Korea, and Shanghai.