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November 04, 2019

Updates from MXC Asia Tour

We have some fresh updates from MXC CEO Sheen Hu's Asia Tour, and talk about where's the next stop for the MXC Asia Tour.

Updates from MXC Asia Tour

We have some fresh updates from MXC CEO Sheen Hu, during his trip in Asia. Here is the original script, in English.

As Bitcoin continues to bounce around like a baby panda in a bouncy house, MXC makes strides towards blockchain implementation and integration around the globe. Welcome to this week’s news update.

MXC CEO Sheen Hu continued his tour of Asia last week with a stop in Singapore. While there he spoke at the Next Asia event, gaining interest from the German ambassador to Singapore and Singapore government officials interested in using the MXC ecosystem. While in Singapore Sheen also hosted a pure MXC meetup to connect with our community there, and give them an inside look at where MXC is headed next.

On Friday last week we hosted an event in our office for a blockchain delegation from China interested in learning more about MXC. Attendees of the event included representatives from Crypto Capital, ANT Node Alliance, and

Next week you can find Sheen at the MXC Meetup in Hangzhou. Be sure to sign up early to reserve your seat at this exciting event.

This has been this week’s news update. I look forward to speaking with all of you again next week. Until then, get active, get in the community, ask us questions — because it’s only together that we can build the Future of IoT.

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Siwon Kim