What is MXC?

Learn about MXC in the first video of the “Beginner’s Guide to MXC” series. In this video, Aaron answers the questions “What is MXC?” by describing the 3-pillars of MXC; machine-to-machine communication, network allocation, and interchain data trade.

Video Transcript “What is MXC”
Welcome to MXC for Beginners! So what is MXC? MXC is an IoT token with three pillars: machine-to-machine communication, network allocation, and the interchain data trade network.

Firstly, machine-to-machine communication. We’re allowing devices, or things, to communicate with each other without any human interaction.

The second pillar of MXC is what we call network allocation. Literally allowing anybody to get involved in MXC by setting up their own device data network. People use your device data network, you earn MXC, and become part of the shared economy.

The third pillar of MCX is the interchain data trade market. We’re making it easy for you to buy, sell, or trade device data. Everything from air quality, energy consumption, or even soil moisture detection. At MXC we know device data is valuable. Now we’re putting the power back in your hands, so you can earn from your data.

That was the beginner’s guide to MXC – stay tuned to learn more about MXC, the Future of IoT.