News Update
March 01, 2021

Win amazing MXC prizes, MXC Mapper is being updated, M2 Pro deliveries and AMA’s

In this week’s MXC News Update, we will let you know how to win some amazing prizes, some amazing AMA’s to watch, how our revolutionary Das Kaiser Project is going and some exciting updates on the MXCMapper!

AMA Successes Siwon did a massive AMA with Fractal Launch China, one of the biggest media partners in Blockchain in the region giving technical insights into MXC and the growth of the worlds largest decentralized data network!

Talking of AMAs, Sheen did an AMA in China with 1000 participants about DataHighway! He has also done a successful clubhouse chat talking about all things Polkadot.

This coming Friday at 5PM CET, Kirill from MatchX and Siwon will be doing a Telegram AMA to answer everything about the Global Data Network infrastructure and M2 Pro, as well as the price, market predictions and everything crypto! Plus they will also be handing out some amazing prizes so make sure to join!

MXC has new M2 Pro's delivered We know many of our customers in the US have been waiting for quite some time, due to the unseasonal snow and of course the corona pandemic there have been some delays, HOWEVER the US warehouse is shipping this week and we expect to have you with your M2 Pro plugged in and mining by next week ... thanks for your patience!

Das Kaiser Projekt began Our first participants were super excited to make a world first LOW POWER BITCOIN MINING! yes, these people are pioneers, and more importantly RICH pioneers, as they are now mining MXC, DHX and Bitcoin, all with the 1 device the M2 Pro!

The MXCMapper will be updated this week Is your new M2 Pro on the list? Check it out towards the end of this week... and before you do, take a guess at how many M2 Pro are now live and mining blocks on the network, what is your guess?

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