News Update
April 06, 2020

XY Pool the Latest MXC Supernode

XY Pool, one of the largest BTC and ETH mining pools in China, have decided to become the latest MXC Supernode. Find out more.

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Welcome to this week’s MXC News Update! We have some EXCITING stuff to share, so let’s get started.

MXC $5000 Bitcoin Giveaway

Last Friday, we announced the winners of the $5000 Bitcoin Giveaway! Make sure to check it out on Twitter to see if you have won! If you have NOT won, then don’t worry – today starts Round TWO! So stay until the end to find the Word of the Week.

MXC x MatchX the Latest Collaboration in IoT

On Tech news, MXC is working in collaboration with MatchX to design an innovative way to automatically provision gateways and sensors with Supernodes. This means that you will be able to simply scan your device, and it will be automatically configured! So more and more people who may not have full technical training can also start deploying their own IoT devices around the world!

XY Pool in China becomes MXC Supernode

We have a NEW SUPERNODE joining the MXC ecosystem! Everyone, please welcome the newest addition to the MXC Supernode Universe… XY POOL! Many of you have seen them when you were checking your ETH or BTC transactions. A leading crypto-group in China, XY Pool has over 100,000 members across all of China, and has been one of the leading ETH and BTC mining pools since 2017! We are super excited to have them become our MXC Supernode!

You can visit XY Pool Supernode at:

Word of the Week

Last but not least, here’s the Word of the Week! The Word of the Week for April 6 is… watch the video to find out Make sure to write it down. Google Form will go live on June 1!

And THAT’S IT for this week’s MXC News Update. Before I go, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel! I look forward to talking with all of you again next week. Until then, get active, get involved, and ask us questions! Because it’s only together that we can build the Future of IoT.

Take care.

Siwon Kim
MXC Supernodes